The NFL Draft may be over but that doesn't mean we have seen all of the talented athletes from around the area. There is a defensive back on the ECC roster that has caught the attention of at least one former Buffalo Bills player.

Stevie Johnson was on Twitter over the weekend showing some love to Nick Blake.

In the Tweet, Stevie Johnson welcomes Blake to Exposure Academy. Exposure Academy is a camp/series of events that gives athletes a chance at being seen by coaches and staff.

Join our student athletes and underclassmen in a unique opportunity to showcase their skills at the Exposure Academy. These events allow athletes to battle test themselves against other top talents but not before they receive some next level advice and training from a top tier college and NFL coaching staff.

Good luck to Nick Blake!

Things are going to start to really get exciting for fans of the Buffalo Bills as we wait for the preseason to start. Truly, the season never ends here in WNY. Even during the off season, there is plenty of things to look forward to and now we even have a new stadium to consider. The team looks solid and after the way things ended against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Bills Mafia is ready to get back to action.

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