When I was a kid, I always wanted to play board games with my family. It might have been something as simple as Battleship or Chess, or a long game like Monopoly; I just loved anything that had to do with game boards, even those kid games like Don't Break the Ice.

One popular game board is "Guess Who?"

"Guess Who?" is a two-player board game that features different characters on each side, and the opposing player has to guess who the characters are, based on clues. I remember playing it as a kid, but never was there a version such as this.

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A viral post from this week featured someone who created a Buffalo Bills version of the board game, "Guess Who?"

Instead of the standard characters in the board game, it featured Buffalo Bills players, and it's pure genius. What a great idea.

I mean, this has to be made for the masses, right? Could you imagine this on store shelves here in Buffalo? They would fly off the shelves, similar to the way the Fisher Price Little People did last summer.

What other board games could feature a Buffalo Bills theme? Is there a Buffalo Bills Monopoly game? I know there's a Buffalo one, but not sure about a Bills-themed one. What about a Buffalo Bills chess board? Josh Allen would definitely be the king, although, if you play chess, the queen is the most powerful piece on the board, so maybe Allen would be that.

What other Buffalo Bills themed game boards should there be?

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