What's the worst way to get fired?  Is it worse to get let go face to face, over text message?  Some would argue that over social media is the worst!

That's the route Richie Incognito chose when choosing a different agency to represent him in the league.  Prior to Incognito choosing to "go in a new direction" from them, "Athletes First" was the full service agency that was representing the Buffalo Bills starting Pro-bowl guard.

That is, until they were fired...over twitter.

While the tone of the message is a little confusing, there's no mistaking what the message itself was.  It starts off pretty aggressive, but follows with "I wish you guys nothing but the best."

There's no word as to what prompted the very public firing.  Incognito did just take a pay cut on a restructured contract to come back to Buffalo.  But he seemed thrilled once it was over.  He tweeted:

"BUFFALO! I’m thrilled to be returning this season and fired up to get back to work with my brothers. I truly believe in the vision and the path we are on. We have all that we need to finish what we started "

Incognito has been in the league for 12 years now and has made the Pro-bowl in 4 of those seasons - 3 of which came with the Buffalo Bills.

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