The NFL off-season is in full swing, as free agency begins on Monday. Players cannot sign with new teams until March 14th, but they can begin negotiating with teams and coming to terms, verbally.

The Buffalo Bills have to get under the salary cap before March 14th, which they are over by about $40 million right now.

On Wednesday afternoon, they got $5.7 million closer by releasing a long-time Bills player that was beloved by Western New York.

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The Buffalo Bills have released safety Jordan Poyer.

The news isn't a surprise. Poyer is 32 years old and turns 33 in April. He only had one year remaining on his deal and showed signs of slowing down in 2023. This move clears nearly $6 million in cap space.

The Bills also released cornerback and special teams ace Siran Neal and restructured the contract of cornerback, Rasul Douglas. This in total, saves the Bills $11.5 million against the 2024 salary cap.

The question now is whether or not Micah Hyde returns. He's an unrestricted free agent next week and there has been talk Hyde could ultimately retire anyway. That would mean the Bills have to find two new starting safeties.

Poyer and Hyde both signed during the first week of free agency back in 2017. They have been the starting free and strong safety ever since, and have become a huge part of the roster, locker room and community.

They both were huge in the community. From charities to becoming a big part of what Buffalo is about. Western New York is forever grateful to what Poyer and Hyde did for the Bills and Buffalo.

The Bills now need to draft a safety in the first three rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft, and perhaps sign a cheap veteran in free agency.

Thank you, Jordan Poyer.

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