If you're a true blue Bills fan you know who Tre'Davious White is and how valuable he is to our team.   As I watched the Bills' final game last year, I recall the sportscaster at the time saying that Tre'Davious White could be the best cornerback in the NFL.  Well, the possible best cornerback in the NFL is essential to our team, and as recently as yesterday was mulling over whether or not to play this season.

White was torn between playing and risking COVID-19 exposure--as a man with a family, nobody would have blamed him if he decided to sit this season out. Well Bills fans, he has made his decision.

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Per WGRZ News, the All-Pro cornerback has decided that he WILL in fact play for the Bills in 2020.

Unfortunately, as White mulled the decision yesterday he was met with some backlash from fans who disagreed with any decision to opt out, and criticized the 25-year-old on Twitter. White was understandably frustrated by this, and shed some light on the weight of his decision with a Tweet of his own on Wednesday:

We certainly would have respected his (and any other player's) decision either way, but we are certainly glad we will have one of the best defenders in the NFL on the field for the Bills Mafia in September.


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