To say it's been a crazy Sunday around the NFL would be a vast understatement. The morning started with dozens of different scenarios that would change the seeding of the AFC playoff picture.

For the Buffalo Bills, they needed a win over the New York Jets, or, a loss by the New England Patriots to win the AFC East crown and guarantee themselves at least one home playoff game in January.

That did indeed happen, and this time, in front of a packed Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park.

The Bills beat the Jets by a score of 27-10, which improved the Bills to 11-6 and assured them the 3 seed in the AFC playoffs, with the Cincinnati Bengals loss today against the Cleveland Browns.

The Patriots had a letdown game against the now nine-win Miami Dolphins, who defeated New England by a score of 33-24, which gave Miami two wins over New England during the season.

In the end, the Bills did not need the win against the Jets to clinch the division, but the offense's struggles were definitely concerning for Bills fans, as the Bills only went 5 of 14 on third down through the first three quarters of their game against the Jets.

Punter Matt Haack was busy, punting the ball seven times and also muffing a snap in the third quarter that led to a Jets field goal.

The Bills offense played mildly better as the second half went along, but certainly not anywhere near the level they'll need in the postseason. They did string together two touchdown drives in the fourth quarter to close out the win.

The Bills now wait to see who they face in the Wild Card Round at Highmark Stadium next week.

It all depends on who wins Sunday Night Football between the Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders.

If the Raiders win, the Bills will host the Patriots in the 3-6 matchup. If the Chargers win, the Bills will host that Chargers team in the 3-6 matchup instead.

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