When I was a kid growing up in Western New York, I was pretty oblivious to certain aspects and traditions of the "Buffalo way of life."

For instance, I had no idea as a kid that beef on weck was only available in Buffalo. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I realized no, this amazing and delicious sandwich is strictly a Buffalo thing.

Just like Buffalo has bars open until 4 am or the fact we love Loganberry and most other places in the country have no idea what a loganberry even is.

There's also a birthday cake tradition that's only in Buffalo and to be honest, I had no idea until only recently.

Here's the tradition: the person celebrating his or her birthday cuts the first slice, but then the person who has the "next" birthday pulls out the knife, and can also make a wish.

This is a tradition that my family did for years and I just assumed that it was something everybody did. Apparently, it's a Buffalo thing.

It's been a few years since I've even gotten an actual birthday cake (you know, cause adulthood, am I right?) but it would be very interesting in the month of June.

My birthday is June 14th. My fiancee is on June 10th. My best friend's is June 5th and I have three more friends who have a birthday the same week or week after as me. That would've been a blast as a kid, basically being included on every birthday cake cutting!

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