Celebrating a birthday is a big deal! Even if you are the kind of person that isn’t super showy about the day, it is a day that should be celebrated nonetheless.

You made another trip around the sun, and a lot has happened in the last 365 days that are accomplishments in itself, and they should be celebrated...but where?

While there are many places you could go for your birthday, these 15 restaurants near downtown Buffalo have been voted by Google reviewers as some of the best places for a party in Western New York.

Whether you are turning 23, 38, 50, or 11, these locations are great for any birthday or big party celebration. 

15 Buffalo Restaurants To Celebrate Your Birthday, According To Google Reviews

It can be so challenging to find a place to celebrate your birthday year after year. After sifting through some Google reviews, we found the best 15 restaurants around downtown Buffalo to celebrate your next birthday.

Have you been to any of these locations on your birthday?

It’s nice that there is a good mix on this list, because some people prefer a casual birthday and others prefer more of an upscale location, and this list has both!

If you have an upcoming birthday and you are feeling weary about celebrating, keep it simple yet memorable when you settle for one of these restaurants in Western New York.

What other restaurants should have made the list? Email kadie@wyrk.com

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