It is Teacher Appreciation Week, and one teacher will receive the honor of America’s Favorite Teacher. Could it be this teacher from Western New York?

We have a lot to thank teachers for. After all, what would we know without them? A lot less. And you know the saying: knowledge is power, so it’s true when we thank teachers for empowering us. 

Teachers provide their students with lifelong learning, all while encouraging creativity, being patient with each student’s learning preferences, and they help many students discover their passions and embrace it! 

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There’s a lot of great teachers in Western New York, but this teacher from Akron Elementary is being recognized for her work in (and out) of the classroom. She could be named America’s Favorite Teacher!  

What Teacher Is Nominated To Be America’s Favorite?

Miss Jessica Krauss is an Akron Elementary educator that not only teaches lessons to her students, but she also cares about their emotional wellbeing. Her favorite part about being a teacher is “sparking the love of learning.”

“I enjoy showing kids they are capable of far more than they may have imagined,” Krauss wrote. “Seeing a student proud of their successes makes all the hard parts of the job totally worth it! 

Miss Krauss's Most Memorable Teaching Moment

One of the most memorable experiences from her teaching career was with a specific student that Krauss was able to help academically and emotionally. “Once we provided additional supports, such as counseling, breakfast, clean clothes, and morning showers in the nurse’s office, he was able to thrive!”

It says a lot about a teacher who helps you in the classroom, but one that goes above and beyond to care about your at-home life as well? Whether or not you are able to eat breakfast in the morning and if you have access to shower amenities? That is a rare level of empathy that you only see in teachers like Miss Krauss. 

What Miss Krauss Would Do If She Wins

The winning teacher will receive $25,000, which would definitely help teachers like Miss Krauss who often have limited resources. Miss Krauss said that if she won the $25,000, she would “add more flexible seating options and new books in the classroom.” Krauss plans to add a new classroom theme and reorganize things around the room. 

Any remaining money after that would go towards Krauss’s wedding. 

How To Vote For Miss Krauss

You can help Miss Krauss get there by voting for her to be America’s Favorite Teacher when you click here. Voting for the Quarter-Finals ends on Thursday, May 16th at 10:00 PM, so make sure you use your daily vote each day leading up to then. 

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