Oktoberfest is on its way to Western New York in the form of a beer hall of our own.

Hofbräuhaus Buffalo celebrated their official grand opening on Wednesday night after experiencing some delays due to COVID-19.

If you are thinking about trying some of the authentic German food at Hofbräuhaus, you can find classics like schnitzel and bratwursts and, most importantly, beer.

This is basically the Oktoberfest of Western New York, and you have six weeks to be a part of it. The Hofbräuhaus beer hall plans to host this beer celebration, modeled after the one in Munich, Germany, for six weeks, starting on Sept. 17. The beer celebration will officially end on Oct. 30, also known as Beggar’s Night. 

You might think that Hofbräuhaus Buffalo is only a place for you and your friends, but that is anything but the case. Hofbräuhaus welcomes people of all ages, so you can still invite your friends that have young children because Hofbräuhaus encourages families and friends to attend. 

Hofbräuhaus Buffalo is not only a great place for small groups to gather, like people would for a birthday party, but it is also designed for your kid cousin and your 80 year old grandmother. The only thing you have to remember is to make a reservation.

You may be thinking, Ugh, a reservation? I’ll never get to go, and that’s simply not the case. Reservations are not necessarily required, but they are strongly encouraged so you can guarantee your spot at Hofbräuhaus Buffalo this fall. 

Reservations are currently being accepted for groups of 6-10 people with indoor and outdoor seating available. All tables have a three hour limit to dining. 

To make a reservation for Western New York’s very own “Oktoberfest” at the Hofbräuhaus Buffalo, you can use OpenTable or use the Hofbräuhaus website.

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