Relocating for school or a job is hard for anyone - especially if you’re leaving an awesome city like Buffalo. 

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If a friend or a family member is moving away, it can be bittersweet. Even if they’re escaping the gray winter weather of Western New York and settling somewhere sunny, they can still be incredibly lonely if they don’t know anyone there and haven’t made any friends yet.

Buffalo has so many unique things about it that are easy to miss when you’re out of town, yet hard to explain to someone else who’s not from the area. That’s why it can be extra challenging for someone who is moving away from the Buffalo area to someone new.

You can show someone how much you care while celebrating their new life adventure and giving them a little taste (literally) of home by mailing them a piece of Buffalo.

It could be a shippable morsel from their favorite restaurant, a condiment they can’t find in their new grocery stores, or something to show their love for their favorite team in their new state.

Here are some ideas of things you can send to your faraway loved ones who are homesick for the 716.

A 12-Pack of Loganberry

Send 'em something sugary and sweet to let them know you're thinking of them.

Sponge Candy

Wahl's via Facebook/Canva
Wahl's via Facebook/Canva

Buffalo's most famous dessert is ideal for shipping in winter, so it won't melt.

Buffalo Neighborhood-Themed Candle

Are they missing a certain neighborhood or landmark of the Buffalo area? Send them a location candle they can light up in their new home.

A Box of Josh Jaqs

They can root on the Bills every time they have breakfast.

Chef’s Spaghetti Sauce

They can try to replicate the best pasta dish in Buffalo for dinner tonight.

Buffalo Puzzle

They'll appreciate the sentiment from one of Buffalo's best-known exports.

Chivetta’s Marinade

There's nothing like Chivetta's.


Perfect to wear as PJs in their new bed or - if they're brave - out and about in their new town.

12 Frozen Mighty Taco Burritos

A pile of these in their freezer will keep nostalgia within reach when midnight hunger arises.

Buffalo Necklace

So they can keep Buffalo close to their heart - always.

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