If you have ever been to a concert at Darien Lake, then you probably have experienced the (unfortunate) run-ins with the most problematic concert goers. 

Sure, everyone is entitled to have fun in their own way, but sometimes they go too far, and it gets to a point where concert goers pass the threshold between “having fun” and “annoying literally everyone in the audience.”

You will know if you’ve seen these “problematic concert goers” if you have ever:

  • Rolled your eyes at a concert
  • Said the words “are you serious?” under your breath
  • Elbowed your friend to show him/her how annoying this concert goer is
  • Bought an extra alcoholic drink for “good measure”
  • Or all of the above

at a concert.

And sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you haven’t experienced any of these warning signs, then you are probably the problem. 

The good news is: it’s not too late to change.

If you are going to a concert in Western New York, whether it’s at Buffalo Riverworks, Darien Lake, The Backlot Entertainment Venue, or the Erie County County Fair, avoid turning into one of these 15 people, because they can ruin the concert for everyone in their section. 

15 Concert Mistakes You Should Avoid At Darien Lake

Sometimes, we can all become one of these people, but it's important to remember that it can annoy others. Try to avoid turning into one of these 15 types of concert go-ers.

We talked about the most annoying people at a concert in Buffalo on Clay and Company, and by far these are the three most annoying concert goers. 

Do you agree? Who else should have made the list? Email kadie@wyrk.com

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