This could be unbelievable. Officials are hoping to have a cruise line stop in Buffalo by 2024-2025!

There may be some cruise ships going out of Lake Erie and the rest of the Great Lakes very soon. New York State and some cruise ship lines are in the process of making it work.

This could allow cruises to leave out of the Outer Harbor in Buffalo, New York, and go to destinations like Toronto, Chicago, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. If you were wondering, they are connected by rivers and smaller lakes.

At least one operator, Miami-based American Ocean Voyages, has expressed interest in bringing its 200-passenger boats into Buffalo during the warm weather months", according to Buffalo Business First

The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp has been looking for a travel industry consulting firm to see if it would work to have Outer Habor be a stop for a cruise line.

The cruise line that is interested in beginning in Buffalo already operates as Great Lakes USA had brought 150,000 visitors to Cleveland, Detroit, Minnesota, and more last year.

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