It’s been a surreal week in Western New York — for a few reasons. One is that we’re finally turning the corner with our weather, as summertime is finally here in Buffalo.

Another reason is because there is actual regular season, Major League Baseball games at Sahlen Field in Buffalo, WITH fans.

The Toronto Blue Jays kicked off their home games in Buffalo on June 1st and Buffalonians have been enjoying the games thoroughly. The weather has been superb and for the most part, the Jays have been playing good in front of the Buffalo fans in attendance.

The game on Friday didn’t go too well, as the Jays lost to the Houston Astros by a score of 13-1, but the one thing many took away from the evening was a moment that went viral on social media.

Buffalo fans in the stands at Sahlen Field were building a gigantic snake cup, which is cup-after-cup stacked on top of one another and people were really into it.

I’ve seen this video on Twitter countless times since Friday and I simply can’t get enough.

I love how unbelievably excited everyone got when that fan stacked that cup on the top of the snake. You would have though the Blue Jays just hit a three-run shot into left field.

It’s so cool Buffalo is getting this much exposure from the Blue Jays and we haven’t even gotten to the New York Yankees home stand, which begins next Monday (June 15th).

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