We all knew Buffalo was Hockeytown, USA but did you ever think that we would also be Derbytown, USA? The 143rd Kentucky Derby was this past Saturday evening. Always Dreaming came out the big winner followed by Lookin At Lee in a distance second and Battle of Midway in third.

The surprising news was not the race results but the viewing results! Buffalo came in 4th in the Top markets for NBC’s Kentucky Derby telecast. Louisville took first followed by Ft. Myers and Cincinnati. The "fastest two minutes in sports" is the one day that everyone because a horse racing fan and they have the parties to back it up! I guess this follows along the lines the Buffalo will party for anything and party well!

This year's Kentucky Derby was the 2nd most watched Derby in the past 25 years! While the event didn't sell out on site there were a hefty 158,070 spectators in attendance to watch the muddy race this year.

Here's to next year's race and another chance to become not just a racing fan but a derby expert, even if it is just for one day!


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