What are the things that Buffalo is best known for? Once you get past the Bills and perhaps the Sabres, you get to chicken wings and food as a whole.

I've lived in Buffalo my entire life, and I have spent time living in Amherst, Cheektowaga, Hamburg and South Buffalo -- so I can safely say I have had everything the 716 has to offer.

Buffalo has fantastic food. Our wings are the best in the country and Buffalo-style pizza is easily the most underrated pizza variant in North America. We also have the famous beef on weck sandwich and other things, such as spaghetti parm and sponge candy; along with Ted's Hot Dogs.

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Some in Western New York might even say Buffalo has the best food in the country and while I truly do believe we are in the top 10-15 places for food in North America, we do not have the best food in the country. I know, that seems crazy to say since we are so proud of our city.

I went down to New Orleans this past weekend for my bachelor party. I'm getting married at the end of the month and my friends treated me to a trip to NOLA.

I can easily say it's the best food city I have ever been to.

It's not just the seafood, which rivals Maine for the best in the country, but the amazing BBQ spots and even Italian food that has me and my friends blown away. We went to 10 different places and every one was a 10/10 on the scoring scale.

I've also been to Nashville and Chicago and while those places don't touch Buffalo's wing scene (and dare I say pizza too), they beat Buffalo in the breakfast, BBQ and even fine dining departments.

The breakfast and BBQ scenes in Nashville and New Orleans is crazy good. I've never had those dishes so good than those two cities.

I think it's easy to put our food at the number one spot, after all, we are from here and adore this region. Buffalo is an amazing food city but when you visit other places, you soon realize that there are other cities in the country which beat Buffalo in different food departments.

Buffalo has amazing food but it is absolutely not the best in the country.

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