A young woman in Buffalo made a parody of Ariana Grande's hit song 'Thank You, Next' to add some Buffalo Sabres flare. Melody Martin re-wrote the song to star Buffalo Sabres forward Jeff Skinner, one of the top scorers in the NHL.

Started off at the bottom

Couldn't get any wins Botterill had to do something

And do something he did

He called up Carolina

And got Skinner for free

What Don Waddell was thinking Is a mystery

He's got that shot He's got so much patience

The speed and the hands

Damn he's amazing

We've lost and we've lost

Those days are behind us

'Cause look what he's done

Look where he takes us

And for that I say

Thank you Jeff (x3)

Putting all those pucks up in the net

Thank you Jeff (x3)

When he's out on the ice

I ain't worried 'bout nothing

Sam and Jack by his side

He's about to do something

He'll catch you napping on faceoffs

Fool you with that backhand

Crush your spirit in overtime

Yeah he's the man

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