If you like to live the charmed life, how does Buffalo stack up as a place to call home compared to other cities in the United States?

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The 716 is a great place to live and raise a family. While many people in Western New York have been trying to Keep Buffalo A Secret, the secret is out all over the country.

That is most evident with all of the new folks that have relocated to the Buffalo area and how they are discovering the great things we've known about for years.

With Halloween being in full swing in the 716, that caused us to wonder how friendly good of a place this is for witches if they decided to live in the area.

And according to a report by Lawn Love, it seems that we're not the only ones who have wondered about that.

Lawn Love
Lawn Love

In a survey of the 200 largest cities in America, Buffalo ranks in the middle of the pack of cities that are good for witches.

By looking at multiple variables like how many tarot readers and astrology classes are available in the area, along with the prevalence of covens and metaphysical supply stores in the cities, they were able to come up with a rating.

After looking at a total of 18 different data points, it seems Buffalo isn't a bad place to be coming in 83rd place out of 200.

New York City holds down the top overall spot and also is able to grab the number one position in many of the different categories.

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