That's right! Another good stat for Buffalo! We have made the list of cities with the best drivers. Although if you drive near the "big blue water tower" during rush hour, you may not agree.

The biggest problem I have with the driving in Buffalo is just that. THE MERGE! I feel as though the engineers know what they are doing when they plan the road and highway layout. The merge lane is meant for just that. If we all would just flow along and let people merge, traffic would flow just as smooth as it is meant to!

QuoteWizard has ranked the 75 most populous metro city areas for the best and worst drivers, and Buffalo came in 17th-best on the list (#58 out of 75) The study factored in such things as total accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, citations and deaths.

Sacramento was found to have the worst drivers, while Detroit has the best.

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