If you have a Ford Fusion, make sure you take a look at this!

Ford announced that they are recalling 1.4 million cars because there is a bolt that has been coming lose, which can make the steering wheel detatch.

To make it easy for you, every Ford Fusion is being recalled through 2018, including a couple other car models as well:

--Fusion S
--Fusion SE
--Hybrid S
--Hybrid SE
--Hybrid Titanium
--Energi SE
--Energi Titanium
--Fusion Sport
--Fusion Platinum
--Fusion Hybrid Platinum
--Fusion Energi Platinum
--Lincoln MKZ Premier
--Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Premier
--Lincoln MKZ Black Label

Then Ford recalled another 6,000 Fusion and Focus models due to a risk of fire:

--Ford Focus model years 2013-2016
--Ford Fusion model years 2013-2015

Dealers are going to replace the bolts with longer ones that have more sturdy threads and a nylon patch to stop them from coming loose", according to InterestingEngineering.com

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