This weekend Buffalo made history again by becoming the only city in the WORLD to open up a brewery here! Buffalo is home now to the only brewery inside of grain silos in the world. It's quite amazing that they've done to the Riverworks complex and it is only getting better and better. Here's what they're adding this Summer!

  • Outdoor rock climbing (there's already indoor climbing opened in May)
  • An escape room
  • Zip lining on top of the silos
  • Ropes Bridge

According to Buffalo News:

Creating a distillery in the silos is also being considered, (William) Casale said. Outside in the beer garden, the remains of silos demolished in 2011 over preservationists' objections are now seating areas bathed at night in colored LED lights. The surroundings include a water feature and two gas-fired pits.Nearby is "Medusa's Front Porch" – with shards of steel left to stick out of concrete columns.Later this week, hanging flower baskets will adorn the seating area, along with vines in cedar planter baskets and in old buckets from grain elevators.

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