We have been saying how lucky we are to get the acts we get here in Buffalo for quite some time.  This list proves that we're pretty lucky.

As a matter of fact, we are 4th on the list of U.S. cities that get the most concerts.  Crazy right?  Even some of the biggest cities are behind us.

So how do they figure it?  They based their analysis on concerts that happened for 5 years between January of 2013 and January of 2018.  And of course not just any artist counted as a "concert."  My son plays piano at concerts, but that wouldn't have counted.  It was restricted to the top 100 artists by sales volume and categorized by genre.

Although we are 5th on the list, rock is the biggest genre.  So with a rating of 4.9, rock would be our biggest genre.  It's not surprising to us that we come in #3 behind Nashville and Las Vegas on the list of country concerts per capita.  But it's not far behind rock with a rating of 4.2 concerts per 100 thousand residents.  Pop rounds out our top 3 genres with a 5th slot and a 2.8 rating


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