How long can a gifted fountain last? Apparently not that long. Was it the Buffalo weather? A poor design? The details are limited but the fact remains, the fountain that stood for just under 7 years in Lafayette Square, is gone.

Channel 2 News followed up on a story that we had on Tuesday morning. Liz and I noticed crews removing a large pile of debris that was the fountain that stood just outside the Buffalo Public Library in Lafayette Sq.

The fountain was a gift from Buffalo's sister city in Turkey. It was November of 2010 when the mayor or Bursa, Turkey was in Buffalo to unveil the fountain which met it's demise this week.

According to the story from Channel 2,

We checked with the City of Buffalo, and a spokesperson said the library removed it.  So, we asked the library, and they told us the city took it down.

A city spokesman called us back to clarify that the city removed the fountain early Tuesday morning saying it was deteriorating and crumbling to the point that it was a safety hazard.

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