Working from home isn't always an option for people.  In a place like Buffalo where the weather is...unreliable, you have to be prepared to make it anyway you can.

There's no question that weather forecasts are tough in Buffalo. Out of caution, in many instances you'll hear that we're going to get buried in snow and only get inches. However, the weather today has been almost exactly as advertised.  They said we were going to get a bunch of snow, and guess what....we got a bunch of snow.

Early this morning many people had already gotten about a foot or more snow and snow was still falling.

When the pandemic began it seemed incredibly strange to work from home.  But since then, it's become pretty common for businesses to have people work from home on a normal basis. At the very least it was a reasonable fall back for people who either felt just a little under the weather and didn't want to pass anything on to co-workers or felt like it would be safer to stay home.

Unfortunately it's not an option for some people.  Some people just have to be to work and have no choice.  Their work is essential.  So what do you do when that's the case and bad weather and your essential job collide?  You do what you have to do to make it in.

Brianne Roesser from Spectrum found a guy named Luke who was cross country skiing through the streets of Buffalo and she stopped him to ask where he was going.  As it turns out, his car doesn't have great tires on it and he was on his way to work.

He was doing what he had to do to make it in.  Now THAT guy deserves a raise!

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