There's no timeline on when any of this would happen, but know that there is a group of people, even some who work for the NBA who are working on this as we speak: bringing an NBA preseason game to Buffalo.

NBA teams actually make their own preseason schedules, so teams such as Toronto, New York, Cleveland among others may have interest in bringing the game to a major city nearby with no team. Why would they do that? Expand the game, bring it to where it isn't, bring in new fans, and you never know? Maybe the hype will be so much in Buffalo that it would sell more tickets than a preseason game in their home arena.

According to attorney Cheryl Meyers-Buth and who is on the team to get a preseason NBA game to Western New York she says:

So far we've gotten positive feedback from the people we've been able to talk to but the decision makers right now are obviously worried about winning down the stretch and then playoffs and then right after that the draft. All I'm doing is trying to keep the idea fresh and in front of somebody's face until we can get a formal answer from them", per WGRZ.

Buffalo has not had a NBA team since the Buffalo Braves in 1978, in their short-lived tenure in Western New York and after many business deals eventually becoming, the LA Clippers.

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