A very popular Buffalo, New York newscaster is getting quite a cool gig. She said that it just "fell into (her) lap". Ashley Rowe of Channel 7 is heading for a role on HBO. Rowe appeared on HBO's HBO's 'Succession' on Sunday night.

Rowe was on Season 4, episode 8 which debuted on Sunday called America Decides.

She said Sunday’s episode was filmed over a couple of weeks last fall after she received a call from her agent asking if she could be in New York City to be part of it.", according to the Buffalo News.

Rowe says she wasn't going to give up any spoilers before the fictional series episode was out. She certainly isn't the first TV broadcaster from Western New York that has been on a tv or movie show with a small role.

Channel 2's Kate Welshofer made an appearance in the Netflix movie 'Can You Keep A Secret'.

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