The next time you fly -- and we get it, it might be awhile -- the TSA security checkpoint will look a little different.

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The Buffalo-Niagara International Airport now has brand new state-of-the-art "3D checkpoint scanners," reports WIVB.

The improved technology is used to "help officers better find explosives," including liquids.

According to WIVB, what makes the 3D scan different is that images can be reviewed. The images taken can be rotated and moved to see if there may be a threat present. The 3D scans give officers the ability to see inside the bag without ever having to open it.


The scanners are already in use at the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, and were developed in 2017 according to the TSA.

The scanners use "computed tomography," which scans the bag and renders a 3D image of what's contained inside.

The technology was first used at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The TSA notes if a bag requires additional screening after the 3D scan, the bag is inspected by hand.

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