The Western New York community is over the snow already and it's not even Christmas yet. In fact, we haven't even reached the official start of winter yet.

That lake effect snowstorm, which dumped over six feet of snow south of thee Buffalo metro, has made everyone sick and tired of the lake effect snow. However, Mother Nature has decided it wants one more lake effect snowstorm for Western New York before the holiday.

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There's a lake effect snowstorm coming once again to Western New York and it appears we have at least an idea of what to expect now this Saturday.

Thursday and Friday will feature rain, sleet and snow showers, with icing potential. Then the fun (sarcasm) begins on Saturday.

Mike Cejka off WIVB says that the models now say the lake effect snow band will target the City of Buffalo and even areas northward in the daytime on Saturday, especially the afternoon.

Then, that lake effect snow band sinks into the southtowns by the evening and that means it will be over Orchard Park during the game likely sometime after kickoff.

Snow could be moderate to heavy after kickoff. We don't know exact snow totals yet, that should happen by Thursday and Friday, but we are for sure getting a lot of snow for Western New York.

The silver lining is that the south towns look to at least get a break when this starts and then have it pass over on Saturday night. This won't last anywhere near as long as it did back in November.

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