If there is one thing that Buffalo and Western New York are known for that isn't a food item, it is snow.

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But this year, The Queen City is falling behind in the race for the Golden Snowball trophy. Goldensnowball.com is a website that pits all five of the major cities in New York  State that are not NYC against each other every year to see who gets the most snow during the Winter.

As you know we haven't had a lot of snow so far this year in Buffalo, in fact, we are about 18 inches below our yearly average. According to the Golden snowball website as of Christmas day, Buffalo has had 9.3 inches of snow. The yearly average is around 28 inches for Buffalo.

At 9.3 inches of snowfall, Buffalo is currently in 4th place out of the five cities that are part of the competition.

Rochester is currently in 1st place with 13 inches.
Binghamton is in a close 2nd place with 12 inches.
Syracuse is tied for 2nd with 12 inches as well.
Buffalo is in 4th place with 9.3 inches.
Albany is in 5th place with 5.1 inches.

All five cities are well below their yearly averages to this date.

As for winning, Syracuse has won the most Golden Snowball trophies since the competition was started in 1940.

Buffalo has won its fair share of trophies with the last one being in 2019 when we got 118.8 inches of snow.

Based on these numbers, the dirty little secret that most people don't know is that Syracuse usually gets more snow than Buffalo. At least we have wings!


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