Sure, winter is pretty. But, if you own dogs, you know what lies ahead for spring and, more importantly, what lies beneath the snow! Those who have a fenced in yard or some property where the dogs like to roam freely can understand what is looming.

For those who struggle with keeping up with picking up after the dog does "the business", there is a company that you can hire that will actually do the dooty, er dirty, work for you! I found Poop 911 online and they are a team devoted to helping dog owners who can't seem to keep up with the yard ornaments that are left behind. Their message is simple:

Buffalo Pooper Scooper Service POOP 911 is here to make pet ownership a pleasure – and it all starts with a fresh, clean backyard. With our professional dog poop scooper services, let us take the worry and hassle out of poop scooping, so you can relax and enjoy your little slice of the great outdoors.

It is a brilliant idea and the older I get, the more I understand the value of a company like this. One day, it will be a job that our kids may be required to do. But ours are a little young for that right now. I look forward to the clear and cold days to get out and remove the piles that are frozen and waiting for me. But if you are stressed out about what may be waiting when the next thaw comes around, Poop 911 may be perfect!

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