Yesterday a video surfaced of a Buffalo reporter denying a child a chance to be in an interview during a kid's day event.  Today he has responded to that video.

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Mike Harrington is a columnist for the Buffalo Sabres.  Yesterday, he was taking some heat after some things surfaced online following a couple of "Kid's Takeover" games that were put on by the Sabres.

Harrington's Tweet About The PA Announcer

The first thing that gathered attention around Harrington was his tweet during the game on Saturday afternoon.  The "Kids Takeover" games allow young children to try out the jobs of some people in the Buffalo Sabres organization such as the PA Announcer, the in-game host, and some reporters.  During the game, Harrington tweeted out that he thought the kid had had too many Dippin' Dots and that he should slow down.

Obviously, people took notice and were upset that he would criticize the kid on...kid's day.

A video surfaces showing Harrington not being nice to a girl during an interview

Following the tweet on Saturday, there was a video that surfaced on Twitter showing Harrington not being very nice to a little girl who was playing the role of a reporter.  In the video, you can see a Buffalo Sabres PR person tell the little girl to go into the huddle of reporters and put her microphone in there.  Almost immediately she is cut off by Harrington and told that she shouldn't be there.

Harrington responds to the tweet and the video

Today, Harrington took to Twitter to respond to both.  In his explanation, he essentially says that the first tweet about the PA Announcer was meant in the spirit of the day and he acknowledges that it missed the mark.

The video was a little different.  His explanation to the video is that it was a day following a loss and tempers were beginning to flare a little.  He says that there was language being used that he wouldn't want his own kids to hear, so he tried to protect the little girl from hearing it.

What isn't shown in the video is that, according to Harrington, the little girl did get another chance to get an interview later in the day.


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