This isn't exactly what the Buffalo or Rochester Chamber of Commerce would like to have as it's slogan. A recent study included Rochester on a not so marketing friendly list.

24/7 Wall Street names Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse on its list of the 50 Worst Cities in America to Live.

Factors including crime rates, job growth, housing costs, and percentage of the population living below the poverty line.

Rochester landed at #34 and as the list describes:

The typical Rochester household earns only $31,946 a year, slightly more than half the statewide median income of $60,850. In addition to very low incomes, serious financial hardship is relatively common in the western New York city

Buffalo was a further up the list at #22 (Syracuse was in between). According to the description:

Buffalo is the second largest city in New York, and by many measures the most economically and socially distressed. The typical Buffalo household earns only $32,509 a year, and about one in three area residents live below the poverty line. In comparison, the median annual household income across the state is $60,850, and about 15.4% of state residents live in poverty.

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