Rasmus Dahlin with Jason Botterill
[Dale Mussen photo][/caption]It's been a whirlwind stretch of days for Rasmus Dahlin, the number one overall draft pick of the Buffalo Sabres.  Since his selection by the Sabres on Friday, Dahlin spent the rest of the weekend answering reporters questions, posing for pictures and signing autographs.  He arrived in Buffalo on Sunday and on Monday morning he was introduced to the Buffalo media at KeyBank Center.

Among the things we learned during the press conference:

  • He's a man of few words.  Perhaps he doesn't have much confidence in his command of English, but he promised to learn.
  • He calls himself boring.  He doesn't have very many interests other than hockey.
  • He's well aware of the intense rivalry between the Buffalo Sabres and Toronto Maple Leafs and is anxious to play against the Leafs.
  • When asked about a preference for a jersey number he said it didn't matter.  He'll take what's given to him.

At the end of the press conference general manager Jason Botterill presented him the jersey and number he will wear with the Sabres - number-26.  It's the same number he wore with Frolunda of the Swedish League.

Dahlin becomes the 21st player in Sabres history to wear that jersey number.  Among the players who have worn number-26 in the past are Thomas Vanek, Matt Moulson, Derek Plante and Steve Patrick.

He'll be wearing his number-26 Sabres jersey on Wednesday when he's on the ice for the first time at Sabres development camp in HarborCenter.

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