The new school week will have a delayed start for the students in the Buffalo Public School district.

In a report from over the weekend, classes in Buffalo Public Schools have been canceled Monday as the district deals with the fallout from a ransomware attack. The issue was discovered on Friday, but officials still haven't determined if any personal information may have been exposed.

It is not clear when the classes will start back up again.

One of the biggest fears for any corporation or school system since the pandemic began is how to handle the remote work or learning. With most people forced to work from home and schools offering instructions online, there is an increase in the targets for hackers and those who are trying to capitalize on organizations who are most vulnerable.

Ransomware attacks have happened to a few companies here in the WNY area in the past few years. The hackers hold your website and information hostage until you pay them what they are asking for. IN most cases, it seems easier to pay than to try to fight them and risk the breech of information.

Sta tuned and stay alert for your own personal online safety. These attacks and spam efforts have become more and more prevalent these days ans scams are being used more often.

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