Melody Martin describes herself as a songwriter from Buffalo, NY who loves hockey more than life itself.  So much so, that she wrote a parody asking for The Sabres to come back for Christmas!

Since the pandemic began, aside from a huge signing in Taylor Hall and new reverse retro jerseys that are pretty sweet, most of the sports news in Buffalo has come from The Buffalo Bills.

But this is supposed to be Hockey Heaven USA!

We have Sabres fans who have loved this team for years and stand by them win or lose.  But that's hard to do when they aren't even playing.  We haven't seen them on the ice since March and fans are starting to get restless.  They want hockey back!

This is where Melody Martin comes in.  She's a songwriter from right here in Buffalo that loves hockey and just wants them to come back for Christmas.  She doesn't even care about the losing or the playoff drought this time...

There is good news for hockey fans.  It looks as though hockey might be on the verge of a comeback.  The plan is to have an abbreviated 56 game season that will start on January 13th.  That's about 1 month away from the writing of this article.

As mentioned above, they are still in talks to make it all happen, but it's a bit of a positive sign.  If you're hoping for hockey for Christmas, you might have to settle for an agreement that "it's coming."

Keep on singing Mel!  Maybe they'll push it up a bit!

Oh...and yes...that was Rasmus Ristolainen with the cameo in there...


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