Pokémon Party - "Parking Lot Party" Parody [AUDIO]
It's EVERYWHERE, and we thought a parody was in order! If you're not playing it your kids probably are! If you're not sure what it is, we have that covered with this handy post! And if you want to seem cool with your kids (or you want to know), here are 5 Awesome Poké…
Full Clubhouse
If you're a Full House fan then you want to be at the Giants game on September 30th for their special theme night! To promote the night the team made an epic parody Full Clubhouse with a special cameo.
I really hope Fuller House isn't a bust...
Fresh Prince Parody
Can Jimmy Fallon do anything wrong?  Everything he does turns to internet gold and his latest attempt is no exception.  They are taking the show on a road trip to L.A. so he decided to parody a theme song from another show that did the same thing.  And he nailed it!
Pinterest Parody
Ok...I'll admit it.  I use Pinterest.  A site that I thought was not meant for guys actually has some pretty cool "guy stuff" on it.  So I get this parody.  However, some people have gotten out of control with the Pinterest.  It seems that everything i…

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