Starbucks workers in Buffalo have decided to unionize as fast-food workers continue to demand more from their employers. 

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You may have noticed that all around Buffalo and Western New York fast-food places have help wanted signs out. Many of them are offering at least $15 an hour and some are even offering benefits. This came about when unemployment boomed from the pandemic and extra financial assistance was given to the unemployed. Many people opted to stay on unemployment vs return to their previous jobs for a multitude of reasons. 

Some stayed away because their previous job simply wasn’t very good and they were making more on unemployment than they were working. Some felt betrayed that they were eliminated then expected back. Some just didn’t feel like working. In terms of who makes up the majority of these circumstances, we don’t have that information. What we do know is that it’s created a shortage of fast-food workers.

It’s also has caused people that are working for these establishments to reconsider their work environments. There is no doubt that these are not glamorous jobs. In fact, they are often hostile and stressful environments. As such, more and more employees are walking off the job, like at a local Tim Horton’s recently. Or they are forming unions, just like the Baristas at Starbucks in and around Buffalo. 

Could worker unions be the answer to bring employees back to work? Is this the answer that job prospects are looking for?

We will keep you up to date as to whether or not the Starbucks employees in Buffalo receive approval for their union.

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