When people say they’re from Buffalo, they usually grew up in one of the many suburbs.

I was a northtown kid. I grew up in North Amherst and went to high school at Sweet Home. Niagara Falls Blvd, East Robinson, Maple Road and Sweet Home Road were my stomping grounds. When I became an adult, I lived in Cheektowaga, Hamburg and now, South Buffalo.

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I’m not Polish. Not even a little bit. My half brother and sister are though, and they spent much of their time in West Seneca and Cheektowaga growing up.

If you were to ask me “what is the ultimate Buffalo suburb?” I would always have to say, Cheektowaga.

Cheektowaga is Buffalo. Not only does it sit right next to Buffalo in location, it’s also a suburb with a high Polish community (which Buffalo is known for), features some iconic establishments and neighborhoods and is steeped in traditions.

Easter is huge in Cheektowaga. The neighborhoods all have at least a few Bills and Sabres flags in the yards or windows. The suburb also has one of the greatest nicknames ever — Cheektavegas.

It’s also called the land of the pink flamingos, and you just might see them in the yards of the previously mentioned neighborhoods.

West Seneca and Depew are right there for the ultimate Buffalo suburb, but if I had to give my vote to just one town, it’s definitely Cheektowaga.

Which town do you think is Buffalo’s ultimate suburb?

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