If you have lived in Buffalo and Western New York your entire life, then you have probably seen and heard of all the different and unique suburbs of Buffalo.

Most of us call ourselves "Buffalonians," but many of us grew up in a suburb that we hold near and dear to our heart.

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I'm lucky enough to have grown up in the northtowns, but spent nearly five years in the southtowns and now reside in South Buffalo -- so I have seen what much of the region has to offer in the way of housing, food and activities.

Growing up in north Amherst, I spent a lot of time in the North Tonawanda/Wheatfield region, but also the Cheektowaga area as well.

I like to consider the Cheektowaga/Lancaster/Depew/West Seneca area as the heart of Buffalo. While it's not the city, these are the suburbs where many tried and true Buffalonians call home and offers so many great things about Buffalo culture.

What are some of the underrated suburbs of Buffalo?

You might have a few floating around and to be honest, most of them would be correct. So many great towns and villages that fly under the radar, even for us who have lived here for so long.

Here are five of the most underrated suburbs of Buffalo, NY.

5 Most Underrated Suburbs of Buffalo

The suburbs of Buffalo that do not get enough creedit.

20 Most Affordable Suburbs in Buffalo [LIST]

Here are the 20 suburbs with the lowest cost of living in Buffalo.

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