The countdown is on, we’re afraid. Summer is officially almost over.

Please don’t take that the wrong way. We just want to remind you that Labor Day is right around the corner, and we all know as soon as that long holiday weekend is over, we’re off to the races. 

Before you know it, we’ll spend our days running the kids to soccer practice and dance class, making sure they do their homework, and fitting parent-teacher conferences in between zoom meetings. 

When we finally realize that summer has come and gone, doesn’t it always seem like we didn’t do enough to really, truly enjoy it? 

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We’ve Still Got A Month Of Summer To Enjoy In Buffalo

The great news is, we’ve got August to look forward to! Now is the time for us to relish every moment left in the summer of 2023.

child in swimming pool

We can’t let the last month of sunshine and free time pass us by. When Buffalo’s first snowfall comes our way (which literally could be anytime), we’ll be wishing we went to just one more place (or ten) back when the weather was warm.

A Plea To Buffalo Residents This Summer

Fellow Buffalonians, if you feel (like we do) that there are still some things you want to do and see this summer, let’s go for it. 

It could be going to a brand new place you’ve never tried before. Maybe it’s going somewhere you haven’t been to since you were a kid. It could be an activity deemed too “touristy” for a local, but you’ve secretly always wanted to try it. It could even be something you’ve already done a million times this season, but you’ll regret it if you don’t go one last time. 

family fun

No matter what it is, we’ve still got a month to live it up in Western New York - plenty of time to make the summer of 2023 in the City of Good Neighbors one of the best ones yet. 

Try These 10 Classic Buffalo Summer Activities In August

We’ve rounded up a list of Buffalo summer staples to get you started. Sure, a lot of these classic spots will still be open come fall, but they’re peak fun when you hit them up during the summertime. 

Keep scrolling for 10 classic activities you need to do before summer is over in Buffalo, New York.

Do These 10 Things In And Around Buffalo Before Summer's Over

Make sure you recruit your family and friends to join you at one of these Western New York summer staples and make some summer memories - before it’s too late.

9 Great Places To Take A Picnic This Summer In Western New York

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