Every city has their urban legends! Those stories that whisper around the city, flittering from person to person and getting more extravagant on every telling and based entirely in rumor without absolutely no facts to back them up.

Here are a few Buffalo, NY, urban legends. If you have one to share, leave it in the comments below!


  • Grand Island Holiday Inn

    Formerly the Holiday Inn Grand Island, 100 Whitehaven Road is one of Western New York's most frequently 'reported' hauntings. When the hotel opened in 1973, guests and employees reported seeing a young girl in a white nightgown skipping down halls, jumping on beds and then disappearing behind corners as well as the sound of children's laughter and little feet running across the ceilings.

    The apparition is believed to be that of Tanya, who is said to have died in a fire on the grounds in the 1800s; however, there is no evidence to support the story.

  • Buffalo State Asylum

    The Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane architectural treasure goes by a much more common name today the H. H. Richardson Complex, named for the designer of the building.

    During its time of operation from 1870 through 1974, the state asylum apparently witnessed many of the horrors of mental health profession that were prevalent at the time from electroshock therapy, hyrdrotherapy and lobotomies to the use of systematic sterilization to prevent patients from reproducing.

    Patients suffering from schizophrenia were injected with insulin to induce comas or Metrazol to cause seizures.

  • The Pigman Killer

    Pigman Road is the supposed home to a serial killer by the name of "the Pigman". He allegedly resembles a pig or wore a mask of pig parts. The murderer is said to have put the heads of his victims as well as the heads of pigs on stakes along the road.

    Apparently, shadowy figures have been seen, along with the sound of squealing pigs being heard.

  • Goodleburg Cemetery

    Goodleburg Cemetery on Goodleburg Road in Wales dates back to 1811 and was an active cemetery until 1927. There are many tales and stories attached to the site. 

    The paranormal incidents are rumored to have originated from the legend of a doctor, who practiced illegal abortions and buried the aborted babies as well as any of the mothers who died during the procedure near a pond, which was located behind his home and overlooks the cemetery.

    The legend continues, stating that upon discovery the doctor committed suicide, hanging himself on the property.

  • Mafia Victims

    This one is less ghost story and simply grotesque. Again, there is no evidence to this, but it's been rumored...

    Murder victims of members of local mafia families were embedded in concrete, which was later used to lay the foundation of things such as the Robert Moses Generating Station, Ralph Wilson Stadium, etc. Again, it's a rumor. And it's disturbing.

  • HELP

    There is allegedly a Buffalo school where a young boy died in a pool on the second floor in the 70s. It is rumored that to this day every year ceiling tiles fall describing the word Help in the room below.

  • Struck Bride

    Elmlawn Cemetery on Delaware Avenue in Tonawanda, NY, reportedly is the site of orbs and lights between midnight and 3 a.m.

    It is said that a young newlywed bride was once run over in front of the church on the property and killed by a carriage as she was preparing to enter her wedding carriage. It is rumored that her vision can still be seen crossing the street.

  • Erie Canal Rumors

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