July 29 is recognized as National Chicken Wing Day, and it has been celebrated in the 716 since the holiday got its initial start back in 1977.

Former Buffalo mayor, Stan Makowski, officially proclaimed the day as National Chicken Wing Day. And if you are vegan or vegetarian (like me), you may feel slightly left out as you see posts of your carnivorous friends sharing pictures of their dinner group celebrating the day with a plateful of wings.


Fortunately for Western New York vegans and vegetarians, there IS a way for you to eat wings without compromising your diet. 


If you have not eaten meat in several months, or maybe even years, then I promise you will not taste the difference.


Props to the awesome lady who texted in about this legendary place in WNY. I had to check out The Wurlitzer Pizza, located at 1401 Nash Rd., North Tonawanda, NY. 

It may shock you, but the wings pictured above are completely vegan and made from tofu. However, it still tasted like true Buffalo wings (I realize everybody else just called them “wings” in the 716, but in my hometown in Indiana, we only refer to them as Buffalo wings — truly). 


One pleasant surprise from my Buffalo tofu wings, other than the taste, was that it looked like a real chicken wing too…for the most part.


After I took a bite into my first vegan wing, I noticed a mini stick in my tofu, which made me chuckle to myself because it was almost like the bone-equivalent for a vegan wing.


Next time, tell your carnivorous friends you can join them on wing night, but make sure you stop by The Wurlitzer Pizza in North Tonawanda for a vegan wing that is equally delicious.

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