Winter can drag on even here in Buffalo.  But there's a new program that's been developed to help people to get outside and enjoy it even more.

It's called "Wintermission" and Buffalo is one of only 3 cities that will be taking part in it.

There's a quote on the internet that is attributed to @mindfulfitness that says “If you choose not to find joy in the snow, you will have less joy in your life but still the same amount of snow.”   And in Buffalo, we get a lot of snow.  This year, in particular, we've already seen over 100 inches of snow and we aren't even done yet!  Normally we get just over 90 inches for the entire season.

So a non-profit based in Toronto called 8 80 Cities has developed a program called "Wintermission" and chosen Buffalo to be one of 3 cities to take part.  The idea is to help get people outside and active during the coldest months of the year.

According to WIVB, Oswaldo Mestre, Director of Citizen Services for the City of Buffalo said. "The whole idea of Wintermission is to make sure that we're a four-season city- we should be engaged in wintertime as well."

So what will they be doing?

This year, more research and education.  They plan to talk with community centers, libraries, and other locations to talk to members of the community in a series of community events.  Then next year, we should see some of these new programs coming to Buffalo to help us to enjoy the winter a little more.

Let's be honest, at this point, the only thing winter can do to make us happy is go away!

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