Even though it just started the Buffalo Wing Trail is already making headlines! Travel magazines and national publications have already reported on the trail and even sent reporters to check it out! A journalist from London traveled to Buffalo, ate the trail in two days, and went back to London tor write her story! PopSugar has put a list together of the top food/drink trails in the US and they all sound amazing!

So what are the other trails in the US that you want to make the trip for?

It looks like you need to eat and drink your way through your vacations now and that't not a bad thing! So what about the Wing Trial?

If you missed who made the trail, here are the spots that made the list!

  • Anchor Bar
  • Bar Bill
  • Blackthorn
  • Cole's
  • Doc Sullivan's
  • Duff's
  • Elmo's
  • Gabriel's Gate
  • Gene McCarthy's
  • Glen Park Tavern
  • Lenox Grill
  • Mammoser's Tavern


Have you been to all the spots on the wing trail? Have you even been to any of the other trails in the US? And, should anymore be added to the list? The possibilities are endless when it comes to food and drink!

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