If you 'let it grow' during quarantine, there's now a specialty salon in Buffalo that will make your beard look its best.

Shannel Moore, owner of The Beard Chic (287 Parkside Ave, Buffalo), got the idea when she was at the barbershop with her son.

Moore told WIVB:

“I noticed the men would come in and get their hair cuts and beards trimmed, but not really groomed, so I thought I should make a product for them.”

She first began her business selling an organic beard grooming product she formulated and sold from her car.

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The popularity of her product inspired her to expand and open a salon and spa.

“If a man wants to get his nails and feet done I have someone for that. You can get a haircut and everything in one. I specialize in beards I groom, steam, wash, hot towel, massage and I make kits with my products.” -Shannel Moore to WIVB

She tells WIVB that while it was challenging to launch a new business during a pandemic, she is happy to be a role model.

“I just wanted to inspire women to do anything they can set their mind to. Having a barbershop you’ll think that’s what men do. But no, women can do it also. I want women of all races and all colors to know you can do it.”

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