Whether you are having a birthday party, a small gathering or just want to have a personal joey meet and greet. They kangaroos can come to your house....even INSIDE your house if you want! How could this not be something you look at for your kid's next birthday party?

Niagara County Down Under is offering this cool experience to Western New Yorkers. You can purchase the Joey Meet and Greet and tons of other options. If you wan,t some of the kangaroo's friends can come along too including their lamb and some cute little baby chinchillas too.

How much is it?

-Rates start at $200
-$50 for an extra half hour
-$50 for the joey's other animal friends to come along

*There are options for pony rides, the whole zoo, and more to come to your house!

How can you book a kangaroo to come to your house?

You have to request an appointment on their Facebook page. If you are on the computer, you can see the "REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT", then the Niagara County Down Under.

What is a Joey meet & greet?
"This is where we will bring a soft cuddly baby kangaroo to you. Having a small get together or party and want to make it more memorable? Then we have the answer! Feed him snacks, snuggle him, and take as many pictures the time allows for", it says on Niagara County Down Under Facebook page.
You might just have Gumbo Roux come to your house, who is one of the newest additions to the group. When he isn’t snuggled into his pouch on your lap, he loves to spend his days in his pouch hanging where he can see all that is going on. Bottles of kangaroo milk and snacks are his favorite part of every day.

During the pandemic, Niagara County Down Under hosted a free, drive thru zoo that featured over 100 animals in Clarence that kids loved to go to that included kangaroos, camels and peacocks.

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