Every time a new baby animal is born at the Buffalo Zoo, we’ll drop anything and everything we’re doing to gush over the pictures. And these latest arrivals are no exception. 

These could be the cutest additions to the Buffalo Zoo ever.

The African Lion exhibit is one of the most popular attractions at the zoo, and now they’ve got some new members that we’ll be able to visit! 

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Buffalo Zoo Welcomes Four New African Lion Cubs

The Buffalo Zoo is the proud home of a group of brand new lion cubs who they’ve dubbed the “fab four.”

Born June 2nd and 3rd to mama lion Lusaka, the Zoo reports that the cubs are all showing signs of good health - and obviously cuteness. 

Lisa Smith, Interim President and CEO of the Buffalo Zoo, said in a facebook post

“We are honored to care for Lusaka, the cubs, and all the members of their pride, while recognizing that they also represent the future and hope for the conservation of their species, reminding us of the importance of a sustained commitment to work to save lions in the wild.”

African Lions Are A Rare, Protected Species

The African lion is considered a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, with estimates that there are only 23,000 to 39,000 in existence today. Currently, the Buffalo Zoo houses several lions in their African Lion Pride exhibit, helping to bring awareness to the community about the need for their protection. 

How Big Will The Lion Cubs Get?

It’s hard to believe these four little nuggets will grow up to be the huge beasts they’re going to be. Right now, the cubs weigh approximately 7 pounds each, and they’ll grow to be between 250 and 550 pounds as an adult, depending on their sex. 

When Can We Visit The Baby Lion Cubs At The Buffalo Zoo?

The Buffalo Zoo says that over the next week, the cute cubs will continue to bond with their mother and each other away from prying eyes, until they’re strong enough to go outside and join the rest of the pride. 

We’ll most likely have to wait to catch a glimpse of them, though. The last adorable lion cubs born at the Buffalo Zoo, Khari and Zahra, made their public debut over two months after they were born. 

When it’s time, they’ll announce the cubs’ names and when we can see them on their social media channels.

It’s okay - it’s important to make sure these adorable additions grow to be happy and healthy. And cuteness like this is worth the wait.

I mean, just look at them! We’re swooning. 

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