It may be September but some Buffalonians have the holidays in mind! As summer winds down and we get ready for the cooler weather and football season some are thinking ahead to getting decorated for the holidays.

There is a national trend happening that involves people putting up Thanksgiving trees in their homes. The trees are decorated with fall items like pumpkins and gourds and also with notes about what the family is thankful for from the past year.

We posed the question to our WYRK listeners and Buffalonians about when is a good time to put up your holiday tree? We got a variety of answers.

WYRK Listeners Weigh In On Trees

The Buffalo Bills will take on the New Orleans Saints in a Thanksgiving game on Thursday, November 25. Many fans will have their holiday tree up and no doubt will have plenty of Buffalo Bills themed ornaments and perhaps even Josh Allen’s face as the star on the top of the tree! If you are planning on having Thanksgiving celebrations at your home and watching the game a Thanksgiving tree might not be a bad idea especially if it is a Buffalo Bills themed tree.

Our family decided to go with an artificial tree, for now. However soon we plan on going back to the tradition of getting the family all bundled up and heading out to pick out the perfect tree after Thanksgiving is over. But an artificial tree does make it nice and convenient for setting up early and leaving the tree up longer.

Like it or not, you may see a tree in stores as the trend of Thanksgiving trees picks up around the Western New York area. Heck you might even see a Halloween themed tree the next time you go to a friend's house.

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