If there is one thing that is for sure it is that Travel + Leisure (and their readers) love Buffalo and it's growth. Buffalo is consistently making lists that highlight not only the culture but also the growth of the city. In the latest list put together by the publication they asked their readers to rank cities based on architecture. Before they revealed the list, Travel + Leisure said this,

"...when it comes to attractive facades and iconic silhouettes, some cities are more memorable and instantly recognizable than others. From the Rust Belt to upstate New York, these are America’s favorite cities for architecture."

Here are the top cities that were voted favorite for architecture!

15. Fort Worth, Texas
14. Norfolk, Virginia
13. Las Vegas, Nevada
12. Richmond, Virginia
11. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
10. Knoxville, Tennessee
9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8. Wilmington, North Carolina
7. New Orleans, Louisiana
6. Detroit, Michigan
5. Charleston, South Carolina
4. Providence, Rhode Island
3. Chicago, Illinois
2. Savannah, Georgia
1. Buffalo, New York

So how did Buffalo top all these other cities on the list? According to Travel + Leisure,

"Buffalo’s eclectic skyline—which features an octagonal spire, a Neo-Classical highrise topped with twin Statue of Liberty replicas, and a towering Art Deco city hall—is a testament to its rich history. The city is credited as a birthplace of “American” architecture, where the country’s rising architects—Frank Lloyd Wright, for example—tested their mettle."


Buffalo is moving forward fast into the future but doing an incredible job of remembering and honoring its past. The foundation of the city is it's hard working citizens who built the city that is now working hard to revitalize and grow. And the hard work is paying off based on all the good headlines the city is making.

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