This year's Thanksgiving may not be to the scale that you are used to. With COVID-19 and the "yellow" micro-cluster restrictions currently in place, you may be hosting just a couple of extra family and friends. But there is one thing that is still a standard in 2020 regardless of how many people you have around the dinner table.

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Enter your number to get our free mobile app posted a survey of what is the favorite side dish in each state and it wasn't a big surprise for what we love here in New York.

The stuffing was the clear winner when it comes to sides we love here in New York for Thanksgiving dinner. Actually, most of the region on the North East, excluding New Jersey, is asking for more stuffing on Thanksgiving.

My mother-in-law makes the best stuffing I have ever had. I am not just trying to get extra points this year. It is by far my favorite. I think it is the larger bread crumbs that she uses that makes it so good. I would be fine if our dinner was heavy on the stuffing and light on the turkey this year!

No matter the restrictions or the rules this year, we have a lot to be thankful for. It is hard to believe, but our youngest son is going on nine months old already! Gus was born just before the pandemic began and having three healthy children is just about everything we could ask for. However, that means that someday they will be teenagers with large appetites! We better make sure we have plenty of stuffing at future Thanksgiving dinners!

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